Faux Raku Journal

12x9 Handmade Journal

back cover.

If I wasn't a mixed media artist, I would be a potter-- I have a real weakness for pottery-- especially raku-- and I particularly love raku with copper, blue and purple. I am very inspired by pottery glazes and they influence alot of my experiments, especially on my journals. On this one, I was playing with purple, blue and copper using alcohol to create resist areas and mottling. I am really happy with how it turned out. The texture on the front reminds me of those variegated metal foils. Maybe in my next life, I will be a potter... or in this one someone will donate a kiln. :)


  1. Elis, this is truly incredible. I also adore and admire raku. My daughter loves potter and we do have a wheel...but the kiln. I think if I were not someone who worked with paint, I would work with glass, though. It truly was my first love...the risk was just too great with my family.

    This journal is incredible. I am going to be contacting you very soon...the decisions are just too difficult! :) I love this one a lot, though.

  2. I believe that you do have a "potters heart."
    lovely faux effect!