Faux Raku Journal

12x9 Handmade Journal

back cover.

If I wasn't a mixed media artist, I would be a potter-- I have a real weakness for pottery-- especially raku-- and I particularly love raku with copper, blue and purple. I am very inspired by pottery glazes and they influence alot of my experiments, especially on my journals. On this one, I was playing with purple, blue and copper using alcohol to create resist areas and mottling. I am really happy with how it turned out. The texture on the front reminds me of those variegated metal foils. Maybe in my next life, I will be a potter... or in this one someone will donate a kiln. :)


New Journal

9x7 refillable handmade journal
with handcast paper collage and distressed metallic paints.
back cover


Using Sections: Time Management

I use my journal for everything-- and I want everything in one place so I don't have to drag around a sketchbook, daytimer, journal, poetry journal, general notebook, lists, art journal etc. All of my journals have separate signatures[sections] of folded paper so I use each section for a specific area. Once I fill that section, I archive it, and refill the section with new paper. My personal favourite journal size is 9x7 because I can use legal size 81/2x14 paper in it. I make up alot of my templates on the computer to work in my journal. I love Excel and make most of my templates using spreadsheets. Over the next while I will try to post pics of some of my templates.
This is a pic of my Week at a Glance template:

It has 8 columns-- one for each day of the week and one for general notes I need to remind myself of for that week. I mostly use my week at a glance for appointment/ committments and to block out time to fit in studio time/ shipping/ computer time and the other things I need to do to try and maintain a balanced life. So my week at glance is more about creating structure for my week. I use post-it notes for my day to day list-- so if I don't get something done one day, I can just move it forward to the next day easily.