Print Plates

I like to hand decorate my pages for my journals. These are some of the pages from my journal. I like to write poetry on them, use them as dividers for designating sections or use them as a base for art journaling.

This is a picture of some of my print plates. I use various materials to make them. I use a pencil on styrofoam trays to make an easy negative plate. On matboard, I use dimensional paint, string, dimensional wallpaper, stencils with molding paste or cut up pieces of kids craft foam and adhere them with matte acrylic gel. You can also use linocutters on plumbers rubber gasket. I often use my plates with gesso as it creates a subtle resist pattern when you put a light wash of paint over it.


  1. Hey, this is really great. I love the papers and the plates are very cool to see. I can't imagine actually doing this myself, but that is the point, doing something I would not.

    Truly wonderful papers and journal work. This is a super blog for me.

    Thanks Elis

  2. Great idea! I like that it accommidates art projects and writing. I think my daughter would appreciate this journal. Are you selling them?
    Also, I know that you don't have posted awards here but on my Oasis blog, I gave you an award. It's a good way to call attention to fantastic blogs. If you don't want to participate in the pass it on part, it's fine. I just wanted to help my blog readers to find your blog. I also value the journal process and keep journals with me most times. I follow a couple of practices, Natalie Goldburg's, Writing Down the Bones and Julia Cameron, The Artist Way...also Ira Progoff's At a Journal Workshop. I've read four of the references you have listed. Thanks for listing new books to check out. <3

  3. Sorry, Elis, I see that you are selling them. I thought that sidebar display was a lovely art arrangement (it is) but that's where you buy the work. I haven't used Etsy, yet. Though I have an account, I'm not quite sure how it works or how to ensure security.

  4. Those plates are great. Thanks for the tips on making them.