A Classic Writing Tool- Dialoguing

"I think the creative process is not about creating something else; It's about the process itself, creating who I am."- Mayumi Oda (Artist & Writer)

"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up." Picasso

Dialogue with your Muse. Ask questions. Intuit responses.
Find out if s/he has a name? Ask for guidance. Find out what kind of creating s/he wants to explore? Coax her out of hiding. Find out what s/he enjoys. Strike a deal. An hour of playful exploring to start the day, then move into goal oriented artworks?

*** Dialoguing has been adapted from Ira Progoff's At a Journal Workshop. Part of his workshop process involves dialoguing with persons, the body, events, work and society. I highly recommend this book.

Dialoguing is a tool that can be used over and over again. Consider other roles/ parts of the self that you could dialogue with.


  1. Very cool tip, Elis. I own this book which is a great reference...I am not so good with sequential things, though. This idea of coaxing the muse in my journal I want to try.

    Thank You

  2. Her name is Sofi...she is very shy!