Class Notes: Rules of Journaling

Where there is joy, there is creation. Where there is no joy, there is no creation. Know the nature of joy."-Upanishads
There is no wrong way to keep a journal. There is no right way to keep a journal. There are no rules to keeping a journal. Make your own rules. Change your rules whenever you feel like it. Your journal is a unique reflection of who you are and your view of the world. It will not look like anyone else's. What you need in a journal may change over time.Follow your instincts. Allow yourself to be surprised by what you create.


  1. Elis, this is a great new blog. I love these journals a lot...they could be paintings in themselves.

    My journal (any one of many) is my best friend at the moment I am using it! Do you feel that way?

    Thanks Elis...I will be following you. I am also loving this book list you have going on the sidebar.

  2. my journal is definitely my companion lol! I can't imagine not having one... I just don't know non-journalers survive lol!